Prescription Forms & Downloads

Each version of the Ragle prescription is here for easy re-printing. If more carbon copied versions of prescriptions are needed, check “Please Send” within the prescription itself and more prescriptions will be included with your next case.



Completing the Ragle prescription will ensure success that the order is completed accurately. Ragle processes rely on accurate information therefor it is imperative that a Ragle prescription is filled out and not just any other prescription, because Ragle is not just any other laboratory. Oh no, Ragle prides itself on placing the quality of work as its highest priority. Ragle’s pledge is to improve the everyday life of the dental practices it serves, and can only begin to be confident in the products sent out if the information received is up to Ragle’s quality standards.

  • Each form offers more details about the design of a case giving both Ragle technicians and the dental practitioner a great deal of benefits.
  • Everyone gains a clear line of communication from dental office to lab technician about each case
  • Check boxes outline the variety of customizable choices that are available and eliminates the confusion between material types, what products are offered and the term used to describe them.
  • This will help reduce phone calls for clarification that take the dentist and staff away from the patient.
  • And lastly, less time spent handwriting means less time filling out prescriptions and more time with patients.


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