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We are dedicated to working with your practice and developing a mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship. For over 40 years, Ragle Dental Laboratory has provided dental practices throughout Illinois and the United States restorations of the highest quality. It is within these 4 decades of experience serving dental practices that Ragle has developed a passion for improving and simplifying systems so patients receive the smile they deserve.
Many Dentists find it hard to deliver on patient expectations when restoring more complex and cosmetic cases. This leads to choosing not to restore these patients due to lack of confidence in the final result and eventual apathy in the practice. Ragle Dental Laboratory helps empower the whole restorative team through the use of easy to follow systems. When dental practices use the systems we’ve developed to guide the restorative process more predictably, they see an increase in case acceptance, more effective diagnosis and start wowing more patients with beautiful results. Ragle Dental Laboratory exists to simplify complex restorative procedures for dental practices to predictably deliver more winning smiles.

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the level of excellence your lab has maintained over all the years we have worked together. The level of excellence my dental practice has attained would not have been possible without a great lab and great people working there.”

Russell Pitch, DDS, Paxton, IL

How We're Different

Our Dedication to Excellence

When you work with Ragle, you can rest assured that we are giving your case our very best. Our founder Jerry Ragle asked himself one question when opening his doors in 1979, "Can I do it better?" This curiosity has continued to embody our work and our effort to provide excellence to you on every single case. We offer a product line that embodies our dedication to excellence.



As you grow with digital dentistry, we will be with you every step of the way. We are here to empower your restorative team to help streamline your workflows so you can predictably deliver more winning smiles.

Technology, including CAD/CAM, digital imaging, and 3D printers, has improved our accuracies, deliveries, and efficiencies. Our dedication to technology gives you access to better materials, cost-effective options, and quicker turnaround times.


Your time is valuable, and we are here to assist you with any question or concern in a respectable manner. You can reach us by phone or email with any topic, big or small.

Our goal with every case is to provide the most value in the most convenient and efficient way possible.

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