Mission & History

Mission & History

Dental Labs in Illinois


At Ragle our mission is to provide our accounts with the best in service, products, and technical assistance. We will maintain a high level of expertise in our field through training and outside assistance. The level of importance placed on the doctor and their patients will be our highest priority.

We are a full service Dental Laboratory and have been delivering quality restorations since 1979. We stay ahead of technology in the industry. We use a wide array of CAD/CAM technologies in our everyday processes to improve accuracy and consistency which include being an Authorized Lava Milling Center and capable of receiving all types of digital impressions.

Aside from Captek and Porcelain to Metal restorations we offer a variety of Zirconia crowns and bridges, All-Ceramic type restorations and Full Cast restorations.  Our in house designed RCAD custom abutments, and 3i’s latest Encode technology are our abutments of choice for most implant cases, but we accommodate all requests including Atlantis, and Zimmer’s patented Friction Fit technology for Screwvent implants.

We only use the best, latest, and most durable products for our removable restorations; which is why Ivoclar Vivadent has become a recent addition and partnership with Ragle Lab. We offer Blueline (Premium) teeth in addition to Portrait IPN to accommodate the various needs for your dentures and partials.

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Ragle Dental Laboratory, Inc. is a full service dental lab, based in Champaign, Illinois, that has been serving Central Illinois dentists since 1979. As a full service lab it is our commitment to provide our accounts with the best service, products and technical assistance. The lab specializes in crown & bridge, ceramics, removable full and partial dentures, dental implants and prosthetic components, and full-cast restorations.

Ragle Dental Laboratory was founded by Jerry Ragle, CDT in 1979 who began his dental career as a technician in 1973. Ragle began his career as an apprentice, learning all aspects of dental technology before specializing as a ceramist. Once opening the doors of Ragle Lab, he was able to with rapid growth, hire a staff within his first year. Ragle poured himself into the culture and dental community of Central Illinois, nurturing dentists with the best education, service, and craftsmanship he could provide. Ragle is a Certified Dental Technician himself in ceramics and implants as education and certification are very important to him. In addition Ragle Lab is a Certified Dental Lab. Ragle is known for providing numerous free education programs per year to dentists to expand their clinical knowledge and make dental education more accessible. To further demonstrate Ragle’s commitment to providing a first class educational opportunity to dentists and their staff, Ragle Lab opened the Rsolution Learning Center in March of 2012. This is a state-of-the-art training and education facility built on the Ragle campus for continual improvement of what we all do together to serve the patient.


In addition, Ragle Lab provides a free service to dentist clients by way of an online profile on c-usmile.com to promote the growth of their practice by encouraging patients to seek a professional and explaining what today’s options and advancements in dentistry are.

Ragle Dental Laboratory has maintained the same principles of which it was created from, and so to carry on the tradition, Ragle Lab is also a family business. Ragle’s daughter, Natalie Swanson and son, Nick Ragle have become vital additions to the tradition that is Ragle Dental Lab. The future of dental technology is bright and Ragle Lab is poised to deliver expert craftsmanship, a superior service experience, all while placing the account and patient as it’s number one priority.


Custom Shade Service

We are set up to receive digital photos for our custom shade service via the ShadeWave Dental Shade Matching System.

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If you have any further questions regarding our services or products, please feel free to call us at (800) 742-3629.

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