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What is it? No one can claim to have all the answers. No one person or company can profess to be the best in all aspects of the dental profession. What can be accomplished is to look at the array of various components being offered within dentistry, through individuals and/or companies and derive from that a best solution. A solution, that allows the delivery of best-in-class products, restorative options and services to the dental patient.

In January 2012, Ragle Lab opened its high-tech educational facility. The facility, a separate location from the laboratory, is a newly renovated space specifically built for education. Our 144” screen and HD projection will provide the clarity of any presentation as will the educational content that is being developed on the many current and future topics being discussed within dentistry, including the hot topic of anything digital technology has to offer.

We are very excited to bring this new platform of education to the community. We will be partnering with many dental companies and established speakers in bringing to the learning center the latest techniques, philosophies, equipment and materials available. Times have changed and with those changes there are many opportunities but along with any opportunity many decisions also have to be made.

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The Center for Advanced Learning

RCAD Implant Solutions

2 CE Credits

Wednesday, January 13th - 6:00 PM
Dinner provided with chef Bob Rowe

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