Letter From the Founder

Jerry RagleI started this business in 1979 with only one thing in mind, “can I do it better?”. This curiosity has carried me through my career and evolved into, “can I do it better tomorrow?”. We still ask ourselves this question today, which has influenced the decisions we make that continue to drive this company forward.

When I started my career in dental technology in 1973, I knew nothing about the business. With the help of some family advice to “give it a try”, I quickly became captivated with all of the intricacies of the work and the path or process a restoration took from start to finish. I had no art skills to speak of, yet the work came easy to me and learning the entire process from start to finish kept my interest. I actually got excited about the change, it seemingly never stood still. There was always something to learn, improve upon, figure out or become involved in.

I believe the success of the company has come from accepting and adapting to new products, procedures and equipment that would ultimately improve the overall outcome of our prosthetic appliances, restorations and delivery to the patient. Anything being adopted had to improve patient care in one form or another. The high degree of quality the company was founded on and earned a reputation for could never waiver. It had to meet or exceed the standard. I always reminded my staff that if “you want to be average, work for someone else”.

Technology has always guided the direction of the industry but in the last 5-10 years it has really changed the future of the industry forever and seems to be an ongoing hot button. It’s changed our company immensely and what we do now almost looks completely foreign to me but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s improved our accuracies, deliveries, and efficiencies which in turn have provided our clients with better materials, economically priced options and better turn around in meeting and exceeding our client’s patient’s expectations.

I believe we are poised for the future, the company is ahead of the current industry curve yet we still need to maintain a sense of urgency. It’s that urgency to stay ahead that has driven the business for over 35 years. It is with a clear understanding that we can’t get there fast enough that will continue to drive this business when new opportunities present themselves. With change comes obstacles yet they can never stifle any forward motion needed in reaching the goal.

With all the change that’s taken place, there are some things that never will. It has always been my demeanor to do your best or it’s not worth doing. Therefore, we will never lose track of our core values in meeting, if not exceeding, the quality standards set forth today as we have in the past.

Jerry Ragle, CDT

Owner & CEO