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More and more dentists are using digital impression taking systems because the new technology provides easy impression taking, better clinical results, increased patient satisfaction, and rapid ROI. While the benefits of digital impression taking are clear, not all digital impression solutions are geared for the future.

With TRIOS®, 3Shape offers yearly software upgrades to keep your TRIOS system ever-strong. TRIOS latest technology innovations allow dentists to realize complete digital workflows, take great impressions, and enjoy a realm of new business opportunities.

It all starts with a good impression

Getting an accurate restoration through conventional impression-taking can be challenging. Inconsistent quality of the impression too often leads to retakes, inferior clinical and esthetic results, and increased need for adjustments during seating. The TRIOS digital impression solution solves many problems by providing accurate impressions from the start and a better patient experience.

TRIOS® reinvents impression taking

TRIOS Ultrafast Optical Sectioning™ technology has been boosted with scan color, extra speed and an optimized tip design for ideal patient experience and integrated anti-mist functionality. Clinics can choose between a TRIOS Standard or a TRIOS Color solution.

Trios Pod Solution

Get the broadest range of indications

TRIOS supports the broadest range of dental indications giving clinics options for new business models, widened opportunity, and rapid investment returns. Special ly developed scan workflows deliver digital impressions that are optimally matched to dedicated CAD workflows and the intended clinical results.

Open new possibilities with digital impressions

Digital impressions give you many options that simply do not exist with traditional impression taking. TRIOS contains a broad array of smart tools that make it easier than ever before to ensure the high quality of both impression and preparation while the patient is still in the chair.

Share, Communicate and Interact

Dentists and labs can easily communicate and discuss their cases. Share impressions, design images, 3D previews of proposed designs, suggested margin lines, and questions or comments. Access cases and communicate anywhere and anytime directly from your TRIOS cart, through a PC, tablet, smart phone, in the clinic or on the road.

Bring TRIOS into your clinics workflows

As with all your dental equipment, your digital impression solution should fit in smoothly with your clinics existing tools, routines and established workflows. Thats why TRIOS is designed to easily integrate with your current practice management system and to support your clinics lab-order procedures.

Integrated Chair Solution

Streamline your clinic, enhance the experience, and save space with TRIOS integrated chair solutions. Control and view all scan activity on a chair-mounted iPad or other displays.

Trios Scanner

New in Trios

  • 40% scan speed improvement*
  • Post & Core and Orthodontics*
  • Scan from iPad
  • Connect to laptop
  • Integrated anti-mist heater

Complete digital workflows

3Shape TRIOS is not just about impression-taking. TRIOS realizes full digital workflows opening new clinical possibilities and business opportunities starting from the patients visit in the clinic and ending with completed treatment.

Validate Occlusal Space

TRIOS built-in Occlusal Clearance tool measures the distance between the preparation and the antagonist while the patient is in the chair. The color codes tell the dentist if there is adequate space for the particular restoration, enabling adjustments before the impression is sent to the lab.