Avadent Digital Denture

Avadent™ Denture

At Ragle we offer the worlds first digital denture in the Avadent. You can deliver an Avadent denture in as little as two appointments with no extra expense for equipment and using standard clinical procedures. The denture base is made out of Lucitone 199 or Ivobase using Portrait or Blueline premium teeth. The denture is computer designed and milled for a precision fit. The patented bio-hygienic process reduces the build-up of bacteria forming on your Avadent helping to eliminate sore spots and denture breath. A permanent digital record is created from your impression for patient security and retention. The Avadent™ denture process can save you time and money and most importantly increase patient satisfaction.

Indications: Single Arch, Fully Edentulous, Immediate Dentures, Duplicate Dentures, Implants

Working Time: 8 Days In-lab

Partial Denture

At Ragle we have several options of partial dentures to suit all your patient needs. When strength is of the utmost importance, we have our cast chrome cobalt frame processed with an injected IvoBase acrylic. All of our removable appliances processed at Ragle use a state of the art injection system to control shrinkage during polymerization to achieve a higher accuracy of fit and precision. This unique process also lends itself to fabricating virtually monomer free appliances. When your patient demands a more esthetic option, prescribe a DuraFlex™ flexible partial or the DuraCetal™ cosmetic partial. Both of these solutions are an advanced thermoplastic dental material that is lightweight, durable and stain resistant. For esthetic clasping try the VisiClear clasp to blend with the natural teeth that can be adapted to any partial material.

Indications: Partially Edentulous, Combination Crowns

Working Time: 6 Days In-lab Cast Framework, 6 Days In-lab Set-up & Finish, 6 Days In-lab Flexible Complete, 1 Days In-lab Bite Rim,

ProForm Mouthguards and Nightguards


Ragle Laboratory-made ProForm mouthguards offer the highest level of protection and fit over boil-and-bite mouthguards. ProForm mouthguards are thin and custom fitted to outlast other mouthguards. We offer a variety of colors and rainbow options to suit your athlete patients. For patients who suffer from bruxism in need of a premium occlusal splint, request Ragle to fabricate a hard processed nightguard. They can be fabricated for either arch and are modified to your construction bite registration. When comfort and protection is what you're after, our dual layer hard/soft nightguard is the perfect solution. A hard outer layer is durable and clear and the soft inner layer rests comfortably against the teeth and gums.

Working Time: 1 Day In-lab

Myerson EMA® Oral Appliance

Snoring/Sleep Apnea

For sleep apnea patients, at Ragle we make the Myerson EMA® Oral Appliance made from a proprietary thermoplastic polymer that delivers superior impact strength. This custom made oral appliance works by opening the bite and gently advancing the mandible with interchangeable elastic straps to increase airway space. The elastic straps come in 9 different lengths and 4 different strengths. The shorter the ema elastic strap, the farther the mandible is advanced. 36 different straps allow for the most effective repositioning with maximum comfort.

Working Time: 3 Days In-lab